Batman: What could have Begun

I like Christopher Nolan's films, but SuperheroHype reports on a Moviehole interview with director Darren Aronofsky, who was at one point linked to the new Batman series. Aronofsky is responsible for the visually stunning and visceral Requiem For A Dream, and The Fountain.

Anyway, Moviehole users asked Aronofsky what his cinematic approach to Batman would have been like...

Daniel, Melbourne: What was your take on Batman going to be like? Were you going in the direction Chris Nolan went, or would you have retained some of the dark fantasy feel that Tim Burton brought to the character? What villain(s)would have been there to battle Batman, and would you have retold the origin story, or pulled a Singer and made your film a continuation of the past series?

Darren: I was never planning to direct Year One. I was more interested in writing a screenplay with Frank Miller on Batman. My pitch was always very realistic. I wasn't interested in fantasy, I was interested in the psychology of a real man dressing in a disguise to pay out real vengeance. The batmobile was a souped up lincoln continental with a bus engine. It was technical and rusty and extremely violent. They would have never let us have violence.

Batman meets Sin City... I like. Who didn't think the Marv sequence in Robert Rodriguez's film - particularly the way he handled cops - reeked of supercool Batman combat?


Lord Spaceman said…
Lets just hope the new Batman doesn't suck. I loved Batman Begins and hope they carry it through for The Dark Knight.
RC said…
that's very interesting, i personally was very pleased with the direction that nolan took, although the stylization of darren's version certainly would have been very intriguing, but i think it would be more a cult-followed film, as opposed to the wide respect that year one received.

--RC of
Wasp Jerky said…
Yeah, I was pretty bummed that Darren Aronofsky didn't direct it, too. I liked Nolan's version pretty well, but Aronofsky would have been better.

I think at one point he was also briefly attached to the Watchmen movie that's being kicked around. Personally I'm hoping that one doesn't get made, unless someone like him or Richard Kelly does it. And unless they're planning on making it four or five hours long.
Pfangirl said…
I don't think Dark Knight will suck, but now that character introductions are out the way I think it will give a good indication of the way the series is going - will we have villain-overload each movie, with one important character wasted every time.

As for Watchmen, Wasp, 300's Zack Synder apparently is already hard at work at it. I'm sure fans are as sceptical as Alan Moore about it - Watchmen needs length. It would definitely be better as a several-episode, massive budget miniseries, instead of trying to cram a highlights package into 100 minutes.

A Lost/Heroes style multi-viewpoint approach to it would probably be the best idea.
Wasp Jerky said…
That's a good idea. Each issue could be an episode.

Maybe someone from HBO is reading.

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