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A focus on my Tomb Raider fanfic

Fan fiction is, sadly, a dirty word, and will probably stay that way. Still, I will always remain a supporter of the activity for its writing skill development and audience-building capacities. If I hadn't started producing Tomb Raider fanfic, I probably wouldn't be 50 000+ words into my own novel. But anyway...

This post is really for people who maybe want to read more Lara Croft adventures in the aftermath of the new movie's release, and the announcement about trilogy-concluding game Shadow of the Tomb Raider. So, welcome!

You can find all my Tomb Raider stories on, as well as a smaller selection of the same set on Archive of Our Own. The following places the spotlight on some of my personal faves, or stories I consider significant for one reason or another.

Currently Ongoing
Three or so chapters from the end, Living Legend is my Tomb Raider-Wonder Woman crossover. Its basic premise is that what if, instead of Steve Trevor, the first person to arrive on Th…

February post recap

Another month, another recap of all the online content I created during the previous one. February was a bit quieter from a writing perspective, but there was more video, and a hefty research piece on all the geek and gaming events South Africans can look forward to this year. It's not just about the first-ever Comic Con Africa, let us never forget.

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Two South Africans review Black Panther: Also posted on Critical Hit here and this blog (with written summary).
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