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Milestone reflections

Last week was a birthday milestone for me. Not one of the big decade markers, but a 5-year point that still makes you more prone to self-reflection.

I don’t really do personal blogging anymore, so I'm very out of practice, but here goes.

First things first, they're not exactly New Year’s resolutions but I did set some basic aspirations for 2017, as I do function better with goals:
Read more, because that definitely makes you a better, more motivated writer.
Limit my starch carb intake, or, at the bare minimum, don’t combine starches in one meal.
Don’t over-commit to writing freebies. Unpaid is the default state when it comes to entertainment and geek lifestyle writing in South Africa. However, I can’t afford to divert too much energy and time from my own creative projects.
On that note, finish my novel, and push further with other WIP across the media spectrum.
Find paying employment.
Number 5 is the biggie on the list, and it's going to take up the majority of this post. I be…