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May content recap: Cosplay videos, con experiences and movie reviews

I'm deep into cosplay preparation territory as the South African geek convention season ramps up. This means my free time involves a lot more fabric, foam and glue than words, but here's all the content I got out during the month of May - which includes the last feature I would ever write for now-retired Gamecca Magazine. *sniff*


Shadow of the Tomb Raider: A Cosplay Diary (Introduction) [vlog]:

Accompanying article to the above video: Shadow of the Tomb Raider – A Cosplay Diary [Critical Hit]

GeekFest – South Africa’s ever-evolving, ever-morphing geek event [Critical Hit]

Chimichanga Time! - Deadpool 2 movie feature [Gamecca Magazine]

From Sunstone to Swing and Sugar, sex positivity takes hold at Top Cow comics [Critical Hit]


Pitch Perfect 3 – An un-acca-ceptional end to the musical comedy series (DVD Review) [Critical Hit]

The team’s thoughts on Solo: A Stars Story [Critical Hit]


May DVDs – Oscar winners and crowd-pleasers [Critical Hit]