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Reviews and Writing Recap: March to May edition

It's been a while since the last one of these posts, collecting all my creative output. In that time I've created a Facebook page, as well as put a lot more effort into my YouTube channel. These are alternate ways to stay on top of my writing and other work, so please Like/Follows and Subscribe if you're interested in keeping up to date.

Anyway, here's the latest collection of my reviews, articles and stories, etc. and where to find them.

Written movie reviews:

Wonder Woman second opinion - A comic fan's reflection [Critical Hit]
Baywatch - More like Borewatch, amirite? [Critical Hit]
Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge - About as fresh as Tortuga tavern stew [Critical Hit]
Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge - Second opinion [Geek Node]
Beauty and the Beast - Ultra-faithful, for better or worse [Geek Node]

Feature articles and opinion:

The Mini Me Memorables experience
"Female superhero movies are the worst!" [Critical Hit]
Riverdale: The …

Wonder Woman and Lara Croft: A character comparison

Because it's Wonder Woman day, or weekend, or hopefully forever, I had to invest my pent-up (p)fangirl enthusiasm into something. The result was this video, delving into the characters of Wonder Woman and Lara Croft, and how they compare as two substantially different heroines:

If you don't want to watch me ramble on, here's the video script to read instead:

Lara Croft and Wonder Woman are both icons. One is the First lady of video games (literally) and the other the first female costumed superhero. Being icons they’ve had to bear a lot of representational burden over the years.

What was interesting to me to discover was, especially among cosplayers, the number of Tomb Raider fans who are also Wonder Woman fans. Why are people drawn to these two characters in particular - who I see as being quite different?

I’ve given this a lot of thought. There’s my ongoing fan fiction Living Legend, on and Archive of Our Own. It’s a Wonder Woman-Tomb Raider crossover sto…

Peak Adulting! Rise of the Tomb Raider reenacted with LEGO

Just a little fun for today, following yesterday's post on making a custom LEGO minifigure through Mini Me Memorables. Well, after my little Lara Croft arrived, I did what most adults do: I used it as an excuse to haul out my childhood LEGO (the Knights and Castles stuff of course, because that was always the best!).

More specifically, I reenacted the third act of Rise of the Tomb Raider, because the Deathless Ones were far more challenging (and therefore satisfying) opponents than the military goons employed by Trinity.

The Mini Me Memorables experience

This post is result of a trade exchange between Mini Me Memorables and myself. Specifically, I was invited to create my own Mini Me in exchange for a review/feature based on the experience.

When it comes to buying geeky gifts, there’s no shortage of options these days. But is there really anything better than LEGO? It doesn’t matter how old you are – assembling and posing it always brings on the nostalgic warm fuzzies of childhood play.

Online retailer Mini Me Memorables takes the experience further by allowing you to create your own customised LEGO minifigure from their huge inventory of original, out the box parts. With the ability to add your own unique message, these are great as personalised birthday presents, quirky corporate gifts; even wedding cake toppers.

Most people seem to make a “mini me” of themselves or the gift recipient. Myself, I decided to make a LEGO Lara Croft (what a surprise!) for some desktop inspiration.

What quickly became apparent to me is that you want to…

Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 - My 5-point video review

As much as my heart belongs to the written word, one thing I learned painfully last month was that vlogging is the future. Or, it's the current future flavour - with PR companies increasingly reaching out to fresh-faced YouTubers over the conventional media to promote their properties. For better or worse, video is colourful, exciting and incredibly easy/passive to consume.

So I'm dabbling in the medium again.

My differentiator is that I'm not a conventional "genki" vlogger. I'm older, I'm more introverted, but I offer considered opinion and commentary in a compact form. My videos should rarely cross the 5-minute mark because ain't nobody got time for that. Also, my work is fully scripted, so if you don't want to look at my consternated mug, you can just read the transcript, which I will also make available online.

To start, here's my low-tech 5-point review of Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2:

Hi again.

I’m back with my low-tech, short, 5-poi…

Reviews and Writings Recap: January and February edition

So what has been my writing output during the first two months of 2017? I can't show any of my novel progress - although I do now at least have some sweet commissioned art to help with the eventual promotion process.

Otherwise, it's been the usual combination of cross-media-spectrum reviews, features and fan fiction. Here's the full set of posts, articles and stories, and where to find them.

P.S. January started with the birth of all-encompassing entertainment and lifestyle website Critical Hit, the product of a merger between specialist sites (who I was associated with) and Check it out sometime.

Movie reviews:

Hidden Figures - A feel-good winner… with Maths [Critical Hit]
Fences - A powerfully-acted domestic drama [Critical Hit]
The Great Wall - Pretty. Stupid. Popcorn entertainment. [Critical Hit]
Fifty Shades Darker - A slight step up in quality [Critical Hit]
Rings - Just watch It Follows instead [Critical Hit]
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Milestone reflections

Last week was a birthday milestone for me. Not one of the big decade markers, but a 5-year point that still makes you more prone to self-reflection.

I don’t really do personal blogging anymore, so I'm very out of practice, but here goes.

First things first, they're not exactly New Year’s resolutions but I did set some basic aspirations for 2017, as I do function better with goals:
Read more, because that definitely makes you a better, more motivated writer.
Limit my starch carb intake, or, at the bare minimum, don’t combine starches in one meal.
Don’t over-commit to writing freebies. Unpaid is the default state when it comes to entertainment and geek lifestyle writing in South Africa. However, I can’t afford to divert too much energy and time from my own creative projects.
On that note, finish my novel, and push further with other WIP across the media spectrum.
Find paying employment.
Number 5 is the biggie on the list, and it's going to take up the majority of this post. I be…