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So much funkier than "you wouldn't steal a car..."

I owe you all a blog post about my first ever cinema visit in Japan, when I got to FINALLY watch Guardians of the Galaxy. So, yeah, on that note I owe you all a film review as well...

In the meantime though, if you've never seen it before - I only experienced it for the first time last Tuesday - here is Japan's answer to the West's "You wouldn't steal a car..." anti-piracy ad.

As you can see, it enlivens a very stale message by injecting a hefty dose of Daft Punk-style funkiness, as well as all the expected Japanese WTF-ness.

For the record, you can watch the other 2 commercials in the series here. And, on the topic of Daft Punk, make sure you check out this clever tribute to the music act as well.

Tomb Raider: A gaming industry allegory

Oh Christ, Noelle, ANOTHER Tomb Raider post? Seriously?!

Well, yes, actually. I really felt the need to write this in the aftermath of the latest, and possibly most terrible (to date) “Wominz are the DEVIL!!” furore to affect gaming.

It all started with an attack on game developer Zoe Quinn – for supposedly using sex with journalists to secure good review scores for her game – and then expanded to include Feminist Frequency media commentator Anita Sarkeesian, who is, of course, no stranger to troll targeting.

Various other industry figures, male but mostly female, who spoke out against #GamerGate harassment were also subject to abuse. Things just got worse and worse, culminating with women having to flee their homes because of assault threats. In addition, prominent gaming commentator and journalist Jenn Frank, along with a few other figures, implied that they will be quitting the industry because of the rampant, aggressive misogyny among gamers. They've had enough.

So what does …