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All Over

Well, Honours is over. Yesterday I did my presentation, and although I was the only person who talked without a PowerPoint Presentation, I did ultimately end up feeling pretty confident about my project as a whole. A number of people had clearly rushed their assignments- they were making grand statements about South African society and consumption based on surveys of a grand total of 10 people. What a representative sampling of South African society.

Anyway, now I wait until towards the end of December for my marks. As for my plans for the future, I’m not rushing into the job market just yet. I’m certainly updating my CV, but I have assorted little projects, both for money and passion, to occupy me for December and into the New Year.

Oh, and everyone go out and buy the December edition of South Africa’s PC Format. In it you will find a new gaming mag called GEAR. And in it you will find a column written by moi. Of course, I have yet to see what it looks like. I’ve been promised a free …

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Pirate Parties and Puke

After a few weekends of nun-like confinement, I actually had a busy weekend.

Starting on Thursday night, Paul and I were invited to the Christmas Party of the logistics company Paul does tech support for. We went to The Barnyard for Those Were the Days- The 60’s tribute musical. Actually, let me rephrase that. We were picked up at Paul’s place and bussed by hired couriers to Gateway, picking up staff members along the way. Staff members, may I add, who jumped into the car with a cooler box of booze and started dishing out drinks. At the Barnyard we were treated to a free show, free food, free drinks, as well as R50 Pavilion gift vouchers each. After my EvilCorp experiences of 2004, it was weird to be in the presence of a company where people actually are treated well and enjoy working there.

Nothing much happened on Friday evening. I sat at home sketching the next Girlz N Games (with dialogue I am still agonizing over), eating popcorn and watching Pearl Harbour, for the second time. A…

Cutting Edge Comics

Like I posted the other day, my copy of Christopher Hart's Drawing Cutting Edge Comics arrived the other day (I adore online shopping). It really is a very handy reference book, and best of all it it's in the contemporary comic-book style. So many of the How To Draw Comics books I've seen tend to be outdated in terms of style- very 1970s to early 1980s, where all the women have that Bridget Bardot look.

Anyway, I've been doing a few sketches, and here's my heroine (resurrected and in a trendy new outfit since I came up with her back in 1993), in pencil, and digitally coloured. Thanks to Shirlz for solving the Photoshop setting mystery that threatened to put me off colouring in the image.

7 Things

This survey thingie is doing the rounds at the moment, so here is my response, after some long thinking sessions:

7 Things to do before I die

Write and have a novel published
Learn a martial art, ideally one with a weapon
Lots of international travel (espec. getting to see Greece, Italy, Egypt and Romania)
Sky dive or bridge jump
Get my Masters eventually
Get married (and hopefully stay married)
Learn a lifesaving skill (maybe save a life)

7 Things I cannot do

Not be competitive
Be a fast RTS player
Not be generally anxious
Not shoot down / be doubtful about opportunities opened up to me
Not worry about my health
Feel comfortable on a bicycle

7 Things that attract me to the opposite sex

Sense of humour
Arms and hands
Chest and shoulders
Healthy ambition
Tender touch

7 Things I say most often

I suppose
What’s that?
I don’t know
Oh, for God’s sake

7 Celebrity Crushes

Hugh Jackman
Brad Pitt
Ryan Reynolds
Chris Evans
Michelle Pfeiffer
Angelina Jolie
Samurai Jack (um, it’s that square jaw …


Alrighty, I'm about to print my 35 page forum-focused Media essay. Thank God it's over. Now to have it bound and drop it off at university tomorrow. And then spend the rest of the week marking English First Year exams, preparing for my presentation next week Tuesday or Wednesday and sorting out myself for Ashley's party on Saturday- time to raid the costume room at my mother's school again.

Anyway, delivered my ordered goodies today. I am now the owner of my own copy of Frank Miller's Return of the Dark Knight (think Sin City but with Batman as the lead), as well as Christopher Hart's Drawing Cutting Edge Comics. I've always wanted a proper How to Draw Comics book, and this one is amazing- I think Toti Gareth would really like it. It's mostly a book where you you sit, study and copy the templates provided, but there are very thorough looks at anatomy, body proportions and perspective. Plus, there are plenty of examples by excellent artists. …

Gamers Are Cultured

Today (Sunday) was perfect beach weather: clear skies, not too humid and breezless. Naturally I spent the whole day sitting indoors working on my big Media assignment. However, I did finish the 35-page monster today- I have no idea how long it was supposed to be, but they’re academics. It’s their job to read.

After I edit the essay tomorrow, it will be over. That is, except for the presentation next week. And except for marking 34 First Year English exam essays.

I’m looking forward to the second half of the week. Paul will have handed his Honour Project in by then so he should have returned, at least partially, to his happy joker self. He’s a hermit grump when he has stressful academic work to do.

We’re going to the Barnyard Theatre on Thursday evening for the Mainport Africa Christmas function. Paul does tech support for the company and naturally I am doing the girlfriend leech thing and tagging along. I really find it amusing that the company is so good to its employees. Not only is t…

A Little Closer to Freedom

I’m one step closer to freedom.

Today was my last English exam for, potentially, a damn long while. At the moment I’m still recovering from the mental exhaustion- writing 2 essays non-stop for 4 hours totally throws you. The physical sensation is something like a head cold layered over severe eye strain. This said, writing English exams at a Post-grad level is somewhat different to Undergrad. For one thing, our exams are open-book, they are conducted in the English Department instead of one of those overwhelming, impersonal hall venues, you can walk around if you want and the lecturers even come to serve you tea.

As for the 2 essay I had to write, I don’t think my first one, on Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Mariama Ba’s So Long a Letter was particularly good. I got caught up in the Achebe part of the question when I should have tackled it briefly, and didn’t plan the Ba section properly so I tended to waffle. I only had an hour and a half for the other essay on Frankenstein, b…

Study Boredom

I’ve been studying all week, making summaries in preparation for my English exam on Tuesday. And man, is it boring. I don’t feel at all inspired for writing on Tuesday, and I just want it over with. My mind has already skipped ahead to 28 November when exams will be over and assignments in. There are all sorts of activities I want to do, ranging from video to DVD conversions for Christmas to all sorts of website work, for fun and money.

Just to have a study break and get out the house, I went with my mother on Wednesday to the Kloof Library to choose some children’s books to read to her Grade 1 class

Paul’s sick with bad flu now. No doubt that translates to a boring weekend, where I’ll be just continuing with my summaries, and hopefully working a bit on my forum project.

I still think my immune system is a bit compromised. My dry cough is gone now, with the tightness in my chest, but my throat is still sore at times. And on Tuesday I woke up with my left eye nicely inflamed. Two days of…

The Weekend and the Week Ahead

The big news of the weekend was Team Pug’s Friday night victory at the Kloof SPCA General Knowledge Quiz. Team Pug, of course, consisted of myself, Paul, Shirley, G, Mark, his sister Diane and Natasha, who found out about the charity fundraiser and spread the news about it.

It really was an entertaining evening, and a lot more mentally gratifying than an evening of clubbing. Everyone got to contribute something to the team’s efforts. Shirley, Mark, Diane and Natasha worked hard all evening on the movie title anagrams section. Anyone who is bored may want to try the following out:

Tong up
Dross oscar
Hire dad
Rat dialog
Lawyers lean rhythm
End global yell
Shoot genie
Speculate shuts us
Saltshaker tired roof
Treats well
Throb gussets
Wrangled deep ninth
Soppy pin arm
Thighs nine
Konga crawler cook
Lapel scabs
Psycho liver bell
Clubber that’s fake
Deathbed stinky moan
Beds my ant

G and I did our bit in terms of identifying film posters, and name that tune (with both G and Mark, for Burn regulars, exhibiting s…

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Down with the sickness

I had a very restless, feverish night's sleep on Wednesday and work up in the morning with a sore throat, a tight wheezy chest, nausea and aching guts. I don't know what it is: the change in the weather, the stress of the past few days, a little bit of food poisoning or even just stomach flu.

Regardless, I feel physically pretty crap at the moment. I've really hoping it's just going to be one of those 2 day things. I don't want to be sick over the weekend, and I just recovered from a headcold the week before last.

In other news, there have been some good things going on (lest you think this blog is just one endless soap opera wallowing in Depression).

I finihsed tutoring on Monday (Hooray). I still have to mark their exams, but my major work with them is done. They also filled out course evaluations in the last tut class, and I only had one negative response- namely that I'm boring and the class doesn't participate (how I am responsible for that, I really don…

More Car Drama

At 3:35am on Wednesday morning we were woken by the sound of barking dogs and a revving souped-up engine. My father rushed outside to find a gang of car thieves attempting to steal his old Jetta, which for the past year and a half has been parked outside the garage.

In a panic my mother and I called the police. As we were phoning my father came back inside to say that the thieves had sped off in their little white / yellow car, leaving the Jetta at the bottom of the road. Its battery was dead (ironically it was supposed to go in today for a new one), and the thieves hadn’t been able to start it.

Within 10 minutes the police had arrived to check things out, and patrol the area. But by that stage it was all over.

I’m still a bit trembly over the whole incident. I just hope that this second incident in 3 months (my car radio was stolen a little while ago) will clue my parents up about home security. The Jetta needs to be sold. It can’t sit on the driveway tempting any thieves who go past. …