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New Girlz N Games

Right, so people who have been visiting my portfolio site know that I have started a gender-themed web comic called Girlz N Games. Here's the latest issue:

Inspired by Penny Arcade's use of the characters of Tycho and Gabe, expect my RL gang of cronies to appear in future strips that are set outside of game worlds

Observation about Blogs

You know what is probably the most interesting thing about reading blogs is the amount of revelation that goes on. People you thought were so together, confident and happy with their lives actually aren't. They experience the same dissatisfactions, depression, worries and concerns as you. In a way, it's comforting to know that you aren't alone.

And I'm not even talking here about online aquaintances. I'm talking about the friends you encounter in RL regularly. The truth is that when you see these people the standard 'How are you?' question is met with a similarly bland 'Fine' or 'OK' in response. Then you move on to whatever generally superficial issue you want to discuss...

The point is: even though you may have really good friends in RL, face to face, you generally don't pry or force the friend to speak about their problems. You leave things unsaid, and pretend everything is fine, forcing a smile. Online, however, in blogs, the truth com…

Bits N Pieces 1

It’s been a fiddly day today: changed a graphic for Paul’s company that appears on all his clients’ websites, and then sat sorting out the St Lucia Weekend DVD, which will be a belated bday present for Mark. (The rest of the gang is of course welcome to a copy, as long as they give me a DVD). Anyway, as I’m typing this, I’m currently encoding a second version of the DVD. For whatever reason, neoDVD, which I use to add menus and transform my AVIs and MPEGs into BOPs, IFOs and other DVD formats, decided to shift the sound so it no longer matches the visuals. I used the preview stage this time, so hopefully it won’t happen again.

But I really do need a better DVD Authoring programme. NeoDVD is hopelessly restrictive and produces amateur-looking results. Anyone out there with any suggestions? I’m looking for something that gives a lot of freedom in terms of menu creation and adding chapters.

Tomorrow I’m going to university to see what’s going on (lectures start again on Monday), and possib…

Double Take

So yesterday I did something I haven’t done in ages and that is see 2 films at the cinema in one day. Paul’s and my theory was that if we were going to traipse all the way out to Gateway’s Ster Kinekor we might as well make full use of Half Price Tuesday and see the Warner Bros and Fox films that won’t ever show at the much closer (and cheaper) Ster Kinekor Junction that is Musgrave.

I refuse to give Nu Metro business after they initiated the full price system for Warner Bros and Fox releases, and, as distributors, forced Ster Kinekor to do the same. At the same time Ster Kinekor is shooting themselves in the foot with the R14 Junction approach. They should reserve one cinema at every Junction complex for a full price Warner or Fox film. Believe me, people will pay R35 to see Episode III, and I’m certain that they’ll sell more tickets than they have for Man of the House or Ice Princess or whatever unheard of crap they are forced to show for 6 weeks straight because there is nothing els…

I've Become a Brain Farter

It's happened. I've sold out. After months and months of looking down on bloggers, mocking the way that they have bloated the web with their brainfarts, I've gone and become one of them.

However, I believe I can justify my reason for following the online trend whores:

A) I was sorting through some old emails and I came across one in which a friend told me basically that I bottle things up; suppress emotions and sit on secrets. While that is fantastic for remaining an enigma, it isn't healthy, mentally or physically. I know that. I intend for this blog to become something of a sounding board for whatever is bothering me.

B) This said, I promise I will in no way try to force humour, construct a stilted POV in my posts, or turn this blog into a soap opera rendition of my life.

C) I actually... erm... enjoy reading my friends' blogs. They keep me up to date and, frequently, offer me insights into their minds that I would not have gained in standard face to face conversatio…