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Bright movie review, and critics vs. film viewers

I said I was going to try and get better at keeping this blog updated with my latest work. So here is my first vlog of 2018, looking at Netflix's big budget urban fantasy film, Bright, starring Will Smith, directed by David Ayer and written by Max Landis. I also briefly look at two recent incidents where critical opinion clashed violently with that of ordinary cinemagoers and home viewers.
You can watch my video review below. Alternatively, if you're not a vlogging fan or can't watch the clip for whatever reason, you can read my script notes beneath the video as a rough written review.

Happy New Year and I wish you all the best with your personal projects for 2018.

Looking back a little bit, we ended December with an interesting situation in entertainment. Two cases in the past few weeks where movie critics and the public have been at strong odds with each other Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which is a helluva lot more divisive than I expected, with…

Annual birthday blog post: 2018 thoughts edition

Apologies for this blog looking so deserted. Just a friendly reminder that I do a lot of my pop culture commentary and reviews for Critical Hit these days, in addition to the movie feature every month in Gamecca Magazine. Occasionally, I also contribute to IGN Africa.

That said, I promise to become better about linking to my work here (expect a huge catch-up post soon), but don’t forget I highlight my latest work almost daily on my Facebook page, which I recommend you Like. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel, which I’ve committed to updating more frequently this year.

Speaking of 2018, here we are a week and a bit into January. I always struggle mood-wise this time of year. Having a birthday in early January makes you extra contemplative about yourself, your achievements and your place in the world.

So, to look back…

2017 highlights
I managed to attend all the major geeky cons and expos in South Africa (Cape Town’s FanCon, Durban's ICON by the Sea, and Johannesburg’s ICO…