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My spoiler-free Black Panther movie review

Wakanda, forever! Happy Black Panther Day, everyone.

To celebrate the release of this groundbreaking new superhero film – the first solo comic book adaptation to centre on an African hero and his world – here you can find my spoiler-free review. Huge thanks to Tracy and Potato the cat for joining in the discussion.

Because I know not everybody has the time to sit and watch a 20-minute clip, below the video you can find our thoughts in summary form – which we used to guide our discussion in the video. The notes should give you the gist of our feelings about the movie.

“Tell me something. What do you know about Wakanda?”

No spoilers in this video. It's also not our place to discuss race and how the movie truly delves into African / black experience.

Straight after the events of Captain America: Civil War, Prince T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) returns home to claim the throne and take over as king of the hidden African nation of Wakanda. Thrust into the limelight …

January post recap

I vowed to get better at recapping here, particularly for people who haven't followed my Facebook page, which is my other collection of content updates. Here though is everything I wrote and produced during the first never-ending month of 2018.

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