The Man Doesn’t Stop

How the hell does Uwe Boll keep finding funding to make his films? I’d really like to know because… brace yourselves… he’s now making BloodRayne 2! This time the story is even more of a departure from the video game on which the films are based. Instead of Nazi blood-guzzling in WWI Germany, BloodRayne 2 is being set in the Wild West!

I can just see the Quick And the Dead style sex scene, with Rayne being humped by the town’s sheriff up against the jail’s bars. Oh, wait, they already had that scene in the original ‘masterpiece’.

Anyway, it would appear that Kristanna Loken has somehow survived the career hari-kiri of starring the first BloodRayne. She’s now playing comic book heroine, Painkiller Jane. Stepping into the black and red leather is another professional model turned actress, Natassia Malthe. Most cinema goers may remember Malthe as Typhoid Mary in Jennifer Garner’s Elektra spin-off.

Presenting the new BloodRayne!


Malthe in Uwe Boll's BloodRayne 2
Source: Brightlight Pictures
November 6, 2006

Brightlight Pictures announced today that Natassia Malthe (DOA: Dead or Alive, Elektra) will star in Uwe Boll's BloodRayne 2. Released on DVD earlier this year through Visual Entertainment, BloodRayne marked the first time a theatrical release was packaged with the complete original PC game which inspired it.

In the BloodRayne 2 movie, as in the game, only Rayne, born of the unnatural union of vampire and human, stands between an unsuspecting humanity and a horrifying vampire dawn. The screenplay is written by Christopher Donaldson and Neil Every.

In addition to the "BloodRayne" franchise, Brightlight Pictures and Uwe Boll have partnered on a number of features, directed by Boll, including House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark and the upcoming Postal, Seed and In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, starring Jason Statham, John Rhys-Davies, Ray Liotta, Leelee Sobieski and Burt Reynolds.

"'BloodRayne 2' marries the vampire, action and Wild West genres, and we are very excited that this movie is going to innovate a fantastic new look," says Brightlight Pictures' Shawn Williamson.

"I’m excited to do a sequel to 'BloodRayne' and this time in the Wild West. I'm a big fan of Sergio Leone and John Ford," says Uwe Boll.


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