Monday recap: The past 2 months of blog posts

Here we are 2 days already into the 7th month of 2012. There's some good stuff coming to this blog in the coming weeks, so until then, let's have a quick look back at everything of significance posted here in June and May.

Paddington Bear hits the big screen
Magnificent Malificent

Opinion Features:
“Just the Pussy I’ve Been Looking For”: Defending Catwoman
My comics experiences: Superman (Part 1) 
The Booth Babe Controversy

Film reviews:
Prometheus (3D)
Snow White and the Huntsman
Dark Shadows
Mirror Mirror
The Avengers
The Grey

Book reviews:
Grant Morrison’s Supergods

Live show reviews:
Henry Rollins brings The Long March to Durban

Trailer profiles:
The Possession
Wreck-It Ralph
The Great Gatsby
Rock of Ages
The Amazing Spider-Man
Magic Mike

Comics and miscellaneous fun:


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