Cosplay Monday: Dark Elf Sorceress

As some of you may know, I take costume parties pretty seriously. In the gaming and comic con-challenged "fishing village" where I live there are not nearly enough opportunities to dress up, so every chance to cosplay should be readily seized and planned for.

This Saturday evening was a friend's "Fairies & Folklore" themed 30th birthday party, and I loosely modelled my look on the Dark Elf Sorceress in the Warhammer video game. The costume is a tad on the skimpy side, but I've worked hard for my abs, dammit! I will show them off.

For the record, this same concept art became the visual inspiration for my half-elf warlock from an aborted DnD campaign of a few years back.


MJenks said…
You should be very proud of those abs and show them off at every and any opportunity. You look quite nice in that outfit. You look quite nice in other outfits, too, but this one is...well, like you said, skimpy.

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