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Something a little different on the blog today...

Durban based gaming website has recently started a new feature on their site, called el33thobbies (View the full archive here). Basically it's a chance for site's visitors to talk about their pastimes and achievements outside of gaming. Personally I think it's a great opportunity to break the misconception that gamers are antisocial, one-note sloths who waste hours of potentially constructive time in front of a screen.

Anyway, mine was the eighth profile to feature on the site, and you can read all about moi here.

For the record, El33tonline is very much committed to gaming community development, in both Durban and South Africa as a whole. In fact they're an instrumental part of the DBN Gamers meet-ups, which have been happening monthly since December 2011 - and which are a great chance for gamers to meet face-to-face, have a drink, play some games, listen to presentations from local distributors etc. and win some prizes. 


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