Comic fans, expand your collection now

What a pleasant surprise for comic book lovers!

The Official Marvel Graphic Novel Collection is a fantastic opportunity to get your paws on some of the greatest comic book story arcs of the past few decades: X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga, Iron Man: Extremis, The Ultimates Vol. 1 and The Amazing Spider-Man: Birth of Venom, just to start with.

Basically, there's a new graphic novel series available - which is a chance to play catch-up with your Marvel reading... particularly if you're more of a DCer like me, whose Marvel knowledge stems largely from animated series and Wikipedia. *cough*

Anyway, for the usual price of R110 (the first few issues are substantially cheaper), every fortnight you can pick up a signature Marvel story from CNA and other South African newsagents. Alternatively, you can order direct from the source, and receive some nifty bonus goodies and free issues delivered direct to your door.

I don't have to tell you that R110 is an excellent price for a trade paperback, and these books are sturdy hardbacks with glossy paper and assorted bonus content - such as writer and artist interviews, sketches, suggested further reading lists, etc.

Personally I won't be getting every book but the collection is a wonderful chance to enjoy the best of Marvel Comics on a budget.

The Official Marvel Graphic Novel Collection is also available to order in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Australia.


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