Trailer Tuesday: The Amazing Spider-Man

Currently, punters seem to be torn between the chances of The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises emerging as the highest grossing superhero film of 2012. But there is a third option though that evidently a lot of people are forgetting, and that's The Amazing Spider-Man.

Even ignoring Sam Raimi's record-breaking film trilogy, the arachnid-powered Marvel superhero is a merchandising sensation, so beloved around the world they've even made international versions of the character. As a result I have a feeling in my gut that this rather unexpected, much discussed reboot  is going to be a major contender... especially after the release of this fantastically thrilling third trailer above (following a surprisingly lengthy debut trailer and second feature trailer)

Evidently drawing a hefty chunk of inspiration from the Ultimate Spider-Man comic, The Amazing Spider-Man focuses on our hero's early days as a masked crime fighter. Andrew Garfield plays lanky loner - and "professional wallflower" - Peter Parker, who has to come to terms with his new powers while juggling the demands of high school. Complicating the situation even further, Peter's love interest is his Science-loving classmate Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), whose police captain father (Denis Leary) is hunting the wise-cracking vigilante Spider-Man. Meanwhile, as the film's chief plot point, Peter's quest to find out why his parents abandoned him years previously brings him into contact with brilliant Oscorp geneticist Doc Connors (Rhys Ifans), who will do anything to regrow his lost arm. Rounding out the cast, Martin Sheen and Sally Field play Peter's beloved (but all too fragile) Uncle Ben and Aunt May.

Directed by Marc (500 Days of Summer) Webb, The Amazing Spider-Man has been specifically shot for 3D.

I don't think there's any doubt that The Amazing Spider-Man will be a superheroic hit. Until now I've rolled my eyes at the marketing department's groan-worthy, heavy-handed attempts to differentiate the film from its predecessors by emphasising a supposed "untold family secrets" storyline (let's not forget that the reboot was controversially announced less than 3 years after Spider-Man 3 released).

This gripe aside, trailer #3 has hit all the right buttons for me. The cast looks spot-on and I can't wait to see smart-mouth, slender Spidey in action, resorting to more "realistic" acrobatic combat instead of being a largely CGI creation. Most surprising of all, The Amazing Spider-Man is actually a 3D movie I want to watch! With all its web-slinging and swinging between New York skyscrapers, I think the film is really going to benefit from the format.

The Amazing Spider-Man releases in North America on 3 July and in South Africa on 13 July.


James Preston said…
Yep, this trailer looks absolutely incredible! Making my movie-watching-mouth water big time. Not sure about the 3D though. I just crystal clear, large screen format with high quality sound. It's going to be a tight race between the Avengers, DKR and Spidey. Dark Knight Rises to win it I reckon, though.

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