Pfangirl's Pfilmic Advent Calendar: Day 23

Tis the season of end-of-year office parties. And what's more festive than having your function gatecrashed by European terrorists? Ho ho ho, yippee-kayay, motherfuckers!


MJenks said…
I love Die Hard.

There's a Notre Dame football reference buried in the movie. It's the game the driver is listening to in the parking garage. While it's cool, the fact that they're playing Southern California on Christmas Eve is a little...wrong.

Despite this, I loves me some Die Hard.

AND, I think I just figured out what my in-laws can get me for Christmas. Aside from a bunch of shirts that I'll never wear.
Pfangirl said…
I have a sad confession to make - I've never properly sat through the whole of Die Hard 1. I've seen 2 through 4 but for whatever reason I don't think I've watched the original in its entirety. Guess I need to rectify that...

Curiously, in doing some research for this movie calendar, I discovered that that other great 80s action flick, Lethal Weapon 1, was also set around Christmas. A strange coincidence.
MJenks said…
I'll probably get an angry letter from the guy club, but I actually like Die Hard 2 a little more than the original.

But then, the second movie didn't have Alan Rickman in it. Now I'm torn.

I own the fourth. I haven't watched it yet (I bought the unedited cut).
Pfangirl said…
My father prefers 2 to 1, so you're not alone there. No need to resign from the guy club yet ;)

I really enjoyed Die Hard 4.0; certainly more than 3.

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