Trailer Tuesday: The Simpsons and Sunshine, round 2

Well, there are no exciting new trailers to report on this week. In the same time, though, some new trailers for films already covered here HAVE appeared online.

Here's the new trailer for The Simpsons. I love that sleigh dog intro! For anyone interested, here are my original thoughts on the film, due for worldwide release at midyear.

Meanwhile, AintItCoolNews has reported on a new trailer for Danny Boyle's Sci fi-horror flick, Sunshine, which can be viewed here. Although the above linked trailer isn't up at YouTube yet, this international trailer contains much of the same content, except it's presented from the perspective of one of the Chinese crew members.

Both these new trailers paint Sunshine as a more intriguing survival tale (what Boyle does best!), as crew members not only have to decide amongst themselves who will live to complete the earth-saving mission, but also face off against 'something else' that wants them dead. Here's my original post on the film, which is supposedly due for release in the UK in April, and sometime between September and December in the US.


Team America said…
okay, so the trailer looks enticing, but if they wanted to make another event horizon why did they have to build the theme around restarting the sun? At least its 're-ignite' the sun... so maybe we can assume it still has all its fuel ... sigh

now Simpsons that looks cool

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