Trailer Tuesday: Sunshine

I only learnt about this one a few weeks back. Sunshine is the latest from Trainspotting, 28 Days Later and Shallow Grave director Danny Boyle, and features a impressive cast of 'up-and-comers' and borderline A-listers, including Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, Michelle Yeoh, Mark Strong and Rose Byrne.

The plot:
Fifty years in the future, the sun is dying, and the earth and its inhabitants are dying with it. Seven years have passed since several crewmembers on board the “Icarus” disappeared without a trace while on a mission to save the planet. Eight scientists on board the “Icarus II,” some from America, the rest from China, represent the earth’s final hope. They are carrying a massive bomb, the size of Kansas, which will be used to reignite a part of the dying sun. Deep into their journey, with radio contact far out of reach, the group begins to make critical mistakes. Their voyage becomes even stranger when they pick up a distress signal from the original “Icarus.” Suddenly, they must struggle to keep their sanity if they hope to have a chance to complete their mission.

Alright, that all sounds incredibly conventional for a sci-fi flick; in fact it brings back the bad taste of the God-awful Mission to Mars, except this time substituting the fourth rock from the sun with the sun itself.

However, what gives me hope is that it's Danny Boyle is in the director's chair and his films always put an unexpected, typically 'thinking' spin on staple film genres, whether they be zombie movies or noir-ish thrillers. I'm hoping that Sunshine will be more Event Horizon than Red Planet, and I have a good feeling it will be.


Stacey said…
This sounds like a sci-fi/space movie I could enjoy.
Pfangirl said…
With Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy and Michelle Yeoh, definitely!
Team America said…
Oh god no!

ok ok... so the plot... we'll start the sun again by detonating a nuclear bomb the size of Kansas.

1st. How did they get that into space?

ans: they built it there.

2nd. 50 years in the future?

ans: apparently... Aliens help out.

3rd. Isn't this a similar plot to Event Horizon.

ans: Yes but this is better.

4th. Is it better because they find out the source of all human life in the universe?

ans: No, its because the source of all human life in the universe is a man in a gorilla suit.

Yes it is stupid movies like this that captivate the minds of our ever intellectually diminishing audiences.

It sounds about as good and as plausible as
The Core.
Anonymous said…
After meeting Cillian Murphy in person I now have a strange compulsion to watch all his movies... :P

It sounds similar to an episode of Futurama though.

Team America said…
You know what would make the movie better?

Mr Murphy running around with a woven bag over his head... in space... with the man in the monkey suit.

If they include Metal Music for the score it'll be 600 and 10.

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