We will rock you

This weekend was both good and bad. After a week of stress on so many levels, the start to the weekend was capped with a 1 and a half our drive home, thanks to a police blockade that had 4 lanes of traffic merging into 1. It literally took me an hour to travel 200m.

Now I have severe anxiety about driving in heavy traffic, and combined with a killer week, it meant I spent a good portion of the weekend dipping in and out of a rather nasty funk. I really should just cry and get it out of my system for good.

I didn’t help that I felt neglected for a good portion of the weekend. Paul was once again roped into DIY home repairs and family over-the-phone computer tech support. I hardly had him alone to myself at all.

I just killed time playing the Bad Day LA demo (with its fun cartoony look but horribly chaotic gameplay), and proof read my sister’s psychology research project.

On the better side of the weekend, we went for a ride with Robin in the game reserve on Saturday afternoon. Although my cycling cardio is terrible, and I seem to spend a lot of time pushing my bike, it is a lot of fun.

I managed one striking smack to the ovaries when, descending a steep forest path, I veered off the path and towards a tree. In stopping my fall, I slammed my torso into the handlebars, and managed to twist my seat sideways.

On Saturday evening, Paul and I had dinner with his parents at Pizzetta, a trendy pizza parlour on Davenport Road. In the same price range as Mimmo’s you get some delicious, if unconventional combination of toppings; like roast beetroot and onion, parmaham and rocket; and spinach, feta and sundried tomatoes.

After dinner, we went to watch We Will Rock You at the Playhouse. I’ve been a know-all-the-words Queen fan since I saw Queen At The Opera (a tribute show) several years ago. We Will Rock You takes a different approach to the music of the world’s greatest Brit glam rockers – incorporating it into an actual storyline just as Mammia Mia did for the music of Abba.

The storyline for We Will Rock You is pretty conventional – young rebels resist a technologically advanced future where a massive media conglomerate GlobalSoft, headed by KillerQueen (SA legend Vicky Sampson), controls its ‘Ga Ga’ population with soulless, computer-manufactured pop, and musical instruments have been banned.

In terms of rocking music, and technical polish, however, We Will Rock You is absolutely stunning. I was totally wowed by the vocal performances (especially Helen Burger as Scaramouche), engaging and dynamic choreography, and use of cutting edge on-stage technology (gaming imagery is even used at one stage). It’s the most fun I’ve had at the theatre in a good long while. The show is a hard-hitting entertainment package and well worth watching.

You can read the press release for the touring South African production here.

On Sunday afternoon, Paul and I headed very briefly down to the beach, but it was high tide and we didn’t stay long. At home in the evening we just watched Rome, episodes of Season 3 of Little Britain, and dipped in and out of the awful XXX sequel.


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