Devilish work… and The Devil Wears Prada

My apologies for the rather terse updates of the past few days. To use advertising terminology I’ve been crunching under at least 3 deadlines for the end of the week. And by the looks of things, with our major client staging 2 huge launches next year, the workload is going to be like this right up until Christmas. So much for a cooling off period…

Anyway, yesterday was pretty cool. A DTP operator and myself were taken out for lunch at a great little café-antique store combo, Churchills, in Windamere. The lunch was a gesture of thanks from 2 of the Account Executives after all the work we’d done on packaging for a new skincare product.

And in the afternoon, right up my alley, I got to write a description for the Xbox 360 Premium, which is being given away as a prize for the latest Duel Matrix3 razor promotion.

Anyway, you can hopefully expect my Evanescence review (finally!) tomorrow, and, having finished Watchmen last night, my thoughts on that graphic novel will be posted here soon.

Oh, and Paul and I saw The Devil Wears Prada on Tuesday evening. Here’s my review:


I admit it… This will probably destroy my hardcore rep *cough cough* but I actually have something of a soft spot for chick flicks, particularly those with young women protagonists – so Freaky Friday, Ice Princess, I tend to watch them all.

The Devil Wears Prada is a chick flick for an older audience.

The film isn’t at all revolutionary, but it has a great cast, provides a more enlightening take on the fashion industry, manages to side-step a few of the most blatantly obvious genre conventions (lead character Andy may start dressing more fashionably but it’s no overt The Mirror Has Two Faces confidence change), and makes for a pleasant few hours of sophisticated comedy.

As usual Meryl Streep is brilliant as feared, revered fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly. Without ever raising her voice, she can shred everyone from the humblest assistant to the world’s greatest designers, and close an issue for good with a simple ‘That is all’. Streep definitely has a shot at this year’s Academy Award Best Supporting Actress nomination, as the audience-pleasing choice.

Finally, refreshingly, I get the appeal of Anne Hathaway. After annoying me intently in the two Princess Diaries films with her forced, wide-eyed clumsiness, here she is highly convincing and likeable as a smart young woman trying to kick start her career.

My favourite character though is first assistant Emily (Emily Blunt), a bundle of nervous tics, who exists in a state of permanent panic, and can only admit her gratitude in the most abstract, bitchy ways.

So, yes, both Paul and I enjoyed The Devil Wears Prada. As a couple’s film, it’s so much better than that Casanova turkey.


Stacey said…
And you forgot to mention ... the 2 men in the film = yummy eye candy. I loved the movie. All those clothes, hand bags, shoes is enough to make any women want to max out their credit card! And it was really nice to see Anne Hathaway in a decent film (i.e. NOT Princess diaries!)
Pfangirl said…
I can't believe Adrian Grenier (Nate) hasn't been in anything more substantial... he looks so very familiar.

Anyway, although I'm no fashion addict, I'll even admit that Anne Hathaway's clothes were absolutely awesome in that movie!

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