Bah, I’m having little to no luck with the Internet today. So who knows when you’ll read this…

Anyway, as for the coming weekend, I’m planning on largely taking it easy. I woke up this morning with a half-blocked nose and a voice that sounds like Jessica Rabbit’s, if she has been smoking 4 packs a day for a decade… and was now being strangled.

The Durban July, South Africa’s premier horse race is on tomorrow in Durban so we’ll be attempting to stay clear of the city. The roads in the centre of town, and around the racecourse, were horribly jammed last year with assorted socialites and wannabes all dressed up, and on their way to the track. We certainly don’t want to be stuck in all that again.

What we will de going tomorrow morning though is going to the early morning show of Pan’s Labyrinth at Musgrave Ster Kinekor. Both Pan’s Labyrinth and Die Hard 4.0 open today in SA, but we thought we better see the Del Toro film first, seeing as it’s likely to be off circuit by next weekend – there has been zero promotion for this Spanish language film!

As usual, the Durbs crowd is invited, although few to none of them seem able to haul their buttocks out of bed and into a cinema before midday.

Speaking of cinema, here’s an updated South African release schedule – finally a few months of some good, highly anticipated stuff after June’s very bland schedule.

6 July
Die Hard 4.0
Pan's Labyrinth

11 July
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

13 July
Hostel Part II

20 July
28 Weeks Later

27 July
The Simpsons Movie

3 August
Curse of the Golden Flower

10 August
The Bourne Ultimatum
Black Snake Moan
Becoming Jane

17 August
Black Book (Zwartboek)


Wasp Jerky said…
You can't go wrong with Pan’s Labyrinth.
Dante said…
Saw Die Hard 4.0 and if your a yippee Kay Yay fan then its for you. If not then go for the action....

Can't wait for the simsons movie... Been waiting for it since the begining of season 1 :p

Hairspray looks like a nostalgia piece... I don't know if i am going to see it. Never saw the original.

O and since i am a big action junkie I will be there for The Bourne Ultimatum. The series has always very realistic when it came to the fights and car chases (ie, cars don't explode on impact :p)
Pfangirl said…
My review of Pan's Labyrinth is coming in the next day or so... Just so damn busy at work at the moment.
Anonymous said…
Why hide invitations inside your blog entries? We don't always read it everyday. :P
Pfangirl said…
More incentive to read every day... ;)

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