Not much interesting news on the entertainment front. I started reading Alan Moore’s graphic novel The Watchmen last night, and it’s really amazing. I’ve only read the first chapter but the depth to the characters is way beyond anything you see in comics today.

You can see why The Watchmen (one of Time magazine’s Top 100 novels) is one of the must-read, seminal graphic novels, alongside The Dark Knight Returns. Actually, The Dark Knight and The Watchmen do share several similarities, the 2 biggest being that they take place in utterly corrupted cities, and that all superheroes have been forced to retire unless they work for the government. In The Watchmen, former masked heroes start turning up dead, and it’s up to the remaining heroes to discover what, or who, is behind it.

Anyway, I popped my elbow at Jiu-Jitsu again last night. Damn these people who do super fast arm-bars. I’m quite happy to submit to avoid the damage but when your arm is hyper-extended before you can tap out, it’s a problem. I don’t think the sprain (or whatever it is) is as bad as the first time because I do still have a good range of movement- I can straighten my arm and touch my shoulder with just a little pain.

I’ve upset Paul this morning though, by mentioning how he annoyed me last night in class. I am not a good loser, and quite competitive, so to be dominated by, and continually instructed by someone who hasn’t attended a third of the classes I have, is a stab to my pride. Paul likes to talk and joke around while I like to concentrate when grappling. Of course the difference is that he can just sit in mount while I spend most of my time trying to escape from under him, which is extremely frustrating when your learnt techniques don’t work.


Wasp Jerky said…
Watchmen is probably my favorite novel ever (graphic or otherwise). The multiple layers of subtext, the level of detail, the characterization, it's all so brilliant. I've read it five or six times, and I still notice new things every time I read it. Is this your first time?
Pfangirl said…
Yep, this is my first time... popping my Watchmen cherry as it were;)

I'm truly amazed at the depth and complexity of it. I'm at the point now where Dr Manhattan's back story is being explored.

A guy at work has leant me his copyof the novel - he wrote is University Honours thesis on it. From what I'm seeing though, I'll definitely be purchasing my own own copy. It's truly superb.
Wasp Jerky said…
I think that's my favorite chapter, although I like the sixth a lot as well. I can't wait to hear your thoughts once you've finished.

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