Chinese, South Park and Extreme Shaving

It was our friend Kate’s birthday yesterday so Paul and I joined her and a group of 15 or so other friends at the Foon Lok Nien Chinese restaurant in Westville. I haven’t been there in a good few years, or even had dinner at a Chinese restaurant in that time, and it was a great evening.

The menu is very competitively priced (you get big portions), with the set multi-course menus especially very good value for money. And they’re very accommodating. As opposed to a bigger Dinner set menu (where you get 2 more courses), Paul and I both had Lunch Set Menu B (after 7pm, mind you), which is, if you can believe it, much more manageable:

Chicken soup starter
Crispy prawns or prawn omelette
Sweet and sour chicken/pork/beef/kingklip, or beef/chicken chop suey with bottomless noodles and rice
Bowtie and ice cream
Chinese tea.

What’s especially great about a proper Chinese dinner is that the multiple courses extend the evening. No one rushes through their meal and leaves. Instead you chat. Kate’s geologist friends are especially amusing. Anyway, 3 hours later, after we paid the bill almost everyone headed to Waxy’s, the pub across the road.

In other news South Park is back on South African TV. Season 9 (we’re a season behind the States) can now be watched every Tuesday night on MNET at 22:30 (after 24).

SP fans can enjoy some hilarious and simultaneously insightful episodes, including the PSP-Euthanasia combo that is Best Friends Forever, plastic surgery focused Mr Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina, and Cartman’s come-uppance in The Death of Eric Cartman.

And for radio listeners, on 5FM this week you can hear our copywriter creative director and one of the Account Executives on an exceptionally cheesy radio ad for the brand new Duel Matrix3 razor. DJs Sasha Martinengo and Ian F are running a linked Extreme Shaving competition this week on their show, where every day you can win iPods, R2000 and assorted product hampers. More info here.


Dante said…
Season 9 of southpark was awesome. Some of the best eps in the series.
Pfangirl said…
I've only seen half of Season 9 so I'm really looking forward to the second half of the series - fresh, new South Park. Hooray!

So far Season 8 has been my absolute fave, so I'm glad to hear the seriesw keeps getting better and better.

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