National Women’s Day

In case any of the international visitors were wondering about the lack of blog posts yesterday (Wed, 9 August), it was a public holiday in South Africa yesterday – National Women’s Day – a day that celebrates the contribution women have made to South Africa’s history, particularly their role in bringing about the end of the apartheid regime.

You can read more about the history of Women’s Day here…

Anyway, it was very nice to have a midweek break. On Tuesday evening, Paul, my family and I met up with Ashley at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre to see Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist, South Africa’s premier hypnotist-entertainer. The evening was a lot of fun. And it really is amazing to see how easy to manipulate the human mind really is.

Among other things, the participants from the audience were dancing around on people’s laps, impersonating celebrities and objects, were convinced that they had different names, and even had their arms completely twisted around at the elbow.

The show’s annual run ends on Sunday and all shows are half price R25 until, and including, Saturday. Sunday’s show, featuring the region’s funniest participants, is R60 a ticket.

Wednesday was overcast, wet and cold, so Paul and I just had a relaxing day at home, eating well, watching the Lost Season 2 finale and more episodes of The Family Guy (Season 4), and playing Battlefield 1942. I should really have used the time more constructively- worked on my next GEAR column, continued reading and learning the rules for Runebound, or even started sketching the next Girlz ‘N’ Games- but I ended up making another Titan Quest character, a dual-weapon wielding warrior called Gothicus, who, once he hits Level 8, is going to become a hybrid Battle mage.

It's so nice to have a fun, gripping game again that you can return to repeatedly without it getting stale or frustrating.

We were also supposed to go and see the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel yesterday evening with a group of people, but it was sold out. So we’ll likely be seeing it on Friday evening after work.

Ugh, now time for work...


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