How’s Work?

I’ve had a few people lately ask me how work is. And it’s good. Very good. Although you can get boring projects, and urgent proofing can drag you from your actual copy writing, it’s strange to be working at a company that values and looks after its staff, and actually consists of (generally) normal people with interests and lives outside of work.

Last week we received half-year bonuses for our excellent turn-over in the first half of the year (sure beats EvilCorp’s Christmas “bonus” tin of crunchies). A woman who has been with the company for 10 years (and there are several people like that) received a Fossil watch in appreciation of her hard work. This evening, as part of our office club, we’re going on a cruise around Durban harbour on a luxury catamaran. I should be posting some pics tomorrow, hopefully.

Oh, with the one copywriter leaving today to go overseas I’ve received a kind of promotion (and payrise) to take up her responsibilities and position. Things are going to get a bit hectic, I’m sure… but things are otherwise good.

Yesterday, in the afternoon I attended a research group observation, which was very interesting. We actually did the whole sitting behind one-way glass thing, while a discussion moderator led the group of black women through a series of questions that will help our launch of a new skincare range.

Afterwards wasn’t so great though. I managed to get myself hopelessly lost in Durban North, and then the Springfield Industrial area after dark. Paul had been joking with me about getting lost, so I think my panicked, tearful phonecalls sobered him up. I hate driving alone in areas I don’t know – I actually have a severe anxiety about it – so it actually took the whole evening to de-stress and regain some kind of cheerfulness.

And I'm one step closer to debuting the next Girlz 'N' Games - I just need to do the shading.


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