More on 300

Hmmm, I think the release of Frank Miller's 300, based on the battle of Thermopyle between the Spartans and Persians, is going to cause a clash between my love for the Ancient world and the stylish simplifications and reality bending of graphic novels.

I just found this great article at Aint It Cool News on the 300 panel at the San Diego Comic Convention. According to commentator Quint, the footage shown was probably the most exciting of all the films presented at the event (next to Spider-Man 3). 300 looks even cooler than Sin City!

Anyway, in case you were wondering who this beauty in the poster is, I'm guessing from the commentary in the article that he's a freak who survived the standard Spartan practice of killing weak or deformed infants, and comes into the battle with something to prove. But I may be wrong. I so have to get my hands on 300, the graphic novel.


Dante said…
Frank Miller rules.

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