Weekend report back: More wining, WOWing and writing

Right, well, there wasn’t much of a change in terms of my activities this weekend when compared to the last one.

On Friday evening I loaded The Burning Crusade expansion to World of WarCraft and upgraded my account online so that I could gain access to the expansion content. Mostly I was excited about making my third Horde character – a Blood Elf Paladin physically modelled on, and named for, my Thursday night Dungeons & Dragons character, a half-elf Paladin. And here he is in all his brooding metrosexual glory (Just why do his chain mail leggings look like fishnets?):


Out of interest, here are my other 2 characters:

Bestilla and Rawg: This Orc Hunter is my main character but she mostly teams up with Paul’s Orc Warrior, so I’ve been forbidden to level her while he’s away.

Euridycce: This Undead Warlock and her Voidwalker Minion have been receiving the most playing time in Paul’s absence. She really struggled with some soloing missions in Silverpine and Hillsbrad this past weekend, so I’m thinking of sending her over to the Barrens to level her with some easier quests.

Now in case you think that I’ve become addicted to WarCrack, that’s not true. On Saturday I started my Christmas shopping, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that now’s the time to do it. Many stores are running great specials at the moment, and if you stomach being seen there, you could always round off your shopping expedition with a 2-for-1 ice cream special at The Hungry Lion – 2 softserve ice creams for R1.90.

Paul had been hassling me about dressing more “girlie” and I managed to find a casual Summer dress and 2 skirts for myself. Now I really need to start thinking of some dressing demands to make of Paul ;)

Speaking of Paul, “Thinking of You” flowers arrived from him on Saturday, and in the evening we had a long chat over Skype - I got to use the new headset I bought while out shopping.

Anyway, on Saturday evening I also watched Hostel, which I was pleasantly surprised by. Sure it’s sick and disturbing, as you would expect of films in the Torture Porn genre, but I preferred this one a lot more to Saw. I think it has a lot to do with the long, ominous build-up to the torture scenes, during which you come to care for the perfectly believable characters. There’s also the fact that until the hero is caught, the camera tends to pull away from the physical degradation, leaving most of the violence suggested by victim screams and the sound of torture instruments – power drills, scalpels, chainsaws, etc.

I couldn’t help thinking Hostel would make a fantastic Survival Horror video game – definitely R-rated though.

On Sunday there was a family lunch, more WOW and then in the evening I finally started work on my story for (Inter)National Novel Writing Month. I must say I quite enjoyed hijacking my sister’s work laptop and then sitting on my bed working – as opposed to sitting hunched over a keyboard. I’m 1 400 words in, with the heroine listening to a magic school principal who makes Dumbledore seem introverted. Depending how it goes, I may post some extracts here, or email them to interested parties. I’m not going to be precious about my tackling of more traditional fantasy, although I’m taking a stripped down approach to keep things as credible as possible.

Pfangirl out.


Anonymous said…
i think yu are absolutly right about a Hostel Video Game. i acctually found this site looking for it but it appeares no one has enouph courage to make one.If i had the right software i would but sadly my 16 year old brain and my slow computer would not be able to wrapp the time and effort around it. lol. and if people saw that a girl created it they probly would not want to even look at it.

*sighs* hope some one makes someting of it.

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