Iron Man opens in South Africa tomorrow, Thursday, 1 May - surprisingly a full day before the North American release.

Despite the fact that tomorrow is a public holiday, I won't be sleeping in. Instead I'll be at the 9:15am first screening of the day. And this from someone who has never even liked the Iron Man comics... but is desperately craving a classy antidote to the whininess and forced angst of the Spider-Man series. Despite steering clear of all early reviews, I'm 99% sure Iron Man will deliver!


JP said…
Anonymous said…
Hi Noelle,

This one wasn't even on my radar till I heard from another journo at a press junket that it is OUTSTANDING!He went on and on raving about it (which is a helluva lot more than I can say for Spiderman 3) so I'm also expecting good things when it it opens.

Btw, you do know that next Tuesday the Sarah Connor Chronicles are starting, right? Here's holding thumbs that it stays true to the Terminator 2 quality and universe.

Have a good one,
MJenks said…
I found Spider-Man to be tolerable. The one comic-adaptation that has ruined me was the third installment (trainwreck?) of the X-Men series. That almost made me stop wanting to be a fan.
MC said…
I think Robert Downey has the pedigree to really pull off the character parts of the narrative... and the special effects are just the icing on that cake.
Pfangirl said…
All good comments (and links), guys! Thanks for them.

Iron Man has done a lot of good for Marvel superhero movies, which were starting to slip into mediocrity. Spider-Man 3 and ESPECIALLY X-Men 3 were big disappointments.

Who knew that it would be superb casting and performances that would become the major selling point of a superhero film - and not the special effects? MC, you're totally spot on.

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