A wet weekend

Bah, Durban seems to have slipped into this nasty weather cycle where all week long it’s beautiful and sunny, and as soon as it hits the weekend, it clouds over and pours with rain. Now I thoroughly enjoy the rain and cold, but I would like some sun on the weekend, particularly since I have UShaka vouchers that expire on 31 Dec.

Anyway, the weekend was a very chilled one. With my cold, I ended up passed out on the couch by 8pm on Friday night. 10 hours of sleep helped, and I was well enough on Saturday to finish off my Christmas shopping (as well as find some very nice, 3/4 camo pants at the Roxy store). I’m just waiting now for my last 2 online orders to arrive. After I’ve wrapped these arrivals, I’ll be finished entirely. And at least now I don’t have to brave any more shopping malls before 25 Dec.

Other than that, with my head cold, it was an intimacy-free weekend. Cuddles, kisses and hugs were substituted… naturally… with Battlefield 1942 co-op. There’s nothing that screams ‘lovey-dovey couple’ like defending Wake Island from the invading Japanese, or flattening Germans with a jeep at Bocage.

Other than that, I finally got around to playing Sid Meier’s Pirates!, which is a complete blast – there’s sword fighting, sailing the Caribbean seas, trade, treasure hunting, upgrading your ship for combat, bar trawling for men to supplement your crew; even dancing to impress the governors’ daughters. It’s everything you could want in a pirate game.

Oh, and I thoroughly enjoyed the short Sam & Max: Culture Shock demo. It was like revisiting old dear friends. Telltale Games have successfully replicated the wacky sense of humour, atmosphere and look that the original LucasArts adventure Sam & Max Hit the Road was famous for. I can’t wait to buy the whole of Season 1 released on one disc. Eventually.


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