Plans for the weekend

Well, tonight we were supposed to getting a crowd of people together for a good time at Waxy’s, but A) Paul has no airtime to phone people, and B) the sore throat I’ve had since Monday finally exploded yesterday into a nasty head cold. My chest aches from sneezing. And with my red raw nose I look like someone in Outbreak at the early stages of virus infection. Needless to say Paul is a bit concerned about taking me out in public like this, or probably spending time in close proximity to one another.

So I don’t know what I’ll be doing this weekend. Certainly nothing energetic, which means I won’t be using my UShaka waterpark vouchers. I’ve got one or two bits of Christmas shopping still to take care of. Anyway, the weekend could very well end up as a repeat of last night, where, instead of doing anything constructive like working on a Girlz ‘N’ Games, or doing DVD backups, I spent the evening lying on my bed watching Superman III (the one with a horribly unfunny Richard Pryor, and paranoia about computer technology). Man, they really let that series disengage from the comic mythology after II.


Dante said…
Not even to talk about the new movie. As if my love-hate relationship with superman wasn't bad enough.
Pfangirl said…
I didn't think the new movie was bad. Just nothing special. I have a feeling though that everything will fall into place with Singer's 2nd Superman film, as it did with X-Men 2, the best of that franchise.

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