22 minutes, 22 seconds: The Fellowship of the Ring

I haven't done one of these since the beginning of the year... so let's get back into the swing of things with Part 1 of an award-winning fantasy trilogy based on J.R.R. Tolkien's epic tale.

22 minutes and 22 seconds into The Lord of the Rings' first installment, The Fellowship of the Ring, there is an important sequence about resisting temptation, and general hobbit hardiness.

Bilbo Baggins, has just made a dramatic exit from his birthday party (I'd love to do something like that one day, complete with the subtly derogatory speech), and is finding it a tad difficult to part with the One Ring, despite his plans to leave for the Elven outpost of Rivendell.

Having just accused Gandalf the Grey of wanting to steal his "precioussss", Bilbo has had sense knocked into him by the first revelation that Gandalf is actually a lot more than a doddery old illusionist with a fondness for fireworks, pipe-weed and halflings.

Still, though, the Preciousss won't leave its current master willingly. Bilbo is still in possession of the ring as he is about to walk out of Bag End - which Gandalf is well aware of.

Gandalf: Bilbo, the ring is still in your pocket.

Bilbo: Oh, yes...

Bilbo: Heh...

The film score builds dramatically.

Bilbo lets the ring slip from his palm to the floor.

Without a moment's hesitation Bilbo is out the door. Gandalf follows.

Bilbo: I thought up an ending for my book.

Bilbo: "And he lived happily ever after... to the end of his days."

Now if only they'd hurry up with that bloody Hobbit film! It's been 6 years already since the release of The Return of the King, and I needs me some more Middle-earth adventuring. And late 2011/2012 is a very long way away.


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