A weekend of... not much

Not too much to report back on in terms of pop culture consumption this weekend. There was a considerable amount of sleeping (Friday was one of those 9pm crash-and-burn evenings), a bit of house sitting and cat feeding, a touch of clothes shopping, some vivid nightmares stemming from Thomas Harris's Hannibal Rising, and a hefty dose of World of WarCraft.

I'm now just 1 level from 70, and here's my undead warlock looking appropriately dark and warlocky - it's a nice change after the weeks and months she spent resembling a psychedelic hooker.

Anyway, I also got around to watching Batman: Gotham Knight this weekend. For those of you who don't know, this set of 6 interlocking anime-style shorts is to The Dark Knight what the Animatrix was to the Matrix sequels.

Basically Gotham Knight fills in the gaps between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, chronicling Batman's first exploits as a crime fighter. The film also tackles some important questions - such as how does Batman deal with all the pain he's subjected to, and why doesn't he use anything more advanced than body armour to protect himself from bullets.

Given all the talk there's been recently about villains who could pop up in future Batman films, it's interesting to note that Gotham Knight features Killer Croc, Deadshot and the Scarecrow as Bat opponents.

I'd definitely recommend Gotham Knight to Batman fans. For one thing, it's great to have Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series) back as the voice of Batman and Bruce Wayne. Just bear in mind though that the project features various styles of Japanese animation, which, although beautiful and atmospheric, do take some getting used to. Although I warmed to the later stories I did find the initial few tales rather stiff and stilted.

South Africans can buy the Gotham Knight DVD online here.

Right now, Monday morning, I'm feeling a little rough. I rounded off Sunday evening by completing my latest Girlz 'N' Games comic - which you can see posted above this blog entry. As a result, I ended up in bed waaay later than intended, and my mind is very foggy right now. I'm definitely going to be in bed early tonight.


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