More Batman for Friday

Given my post yesterday about rumoured upcoming Batman movie villains, it makes sense to report on the casting rumour that appeared online yesterday over at and apparently had its origin at WENN Entertainment News.

Bear in mind that this is a Rumour with a capital "R" but apparently Johnny Depp is being considered for the role of the Riddler, and Philip Seymour Hoffman, the Penguin.

There's no question that Depp would make a fantastic Riddler, although I probably would have cast him as a new Joker to replace Heath Ledger. Funnily enough I was contemplating the other day that if Tim Burton was making his Batman today, in 2008, there would be no question of Depp's casting as the Joker. As a sidenote, Depp has apparently just been cast as the Mad Hatter in Burton's long-planned Alice in Wonderland film, due for release in 2010.

As for Hoffman as the Penguin, again it's a smart casting choice - Hoffman is a very talented performer who could easily play the highly eloquent, intelligent criminal mastermind who straddles the line between legality and criminality.

I'm just struggling though to see the rotund little gentleman, with a fondness for top hats and monacles, in Nolan's gritty, realistic Bat universe... unless, of course, they make the Penguin a disgusting child-murdering pariah as per Batman Returns. Hoffman certainly has a lot of experience at playing a sleazeball.


See, if they were going more for the "traditional" Penguin, I'd say look no further than Jon Lovitz. He's a monocle away from the Penguin as is.

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