Today, South Africa...

Er... perhaps go and see The Dark Knight again. Because the only new release is Eddie Murphy's new "comedy" Meet Dave. And frankly, it looks appalling. That last 10 seconds of the trailer makes me wince in embarrassment. So utterly forced and unfunny.

Anyway, the glut of mid-year blockbusters is beginning to slow as the American Summer draws to its close. Here's what we still have to look forward to over the next 2 months (well, the films that have sparked my interest anyway). Unfortunately we're reaching a point in the year where there isn't something new and exciting to watch every week:

29 August:

Mamma Mia! - The feel-good musical of the season, with an impressive cast (including Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Julie Walters) and the irresistibly bouncy music of ABBA. Definitely a movie to take your mom to. Hetro guys beware!

Doomsday - Hmmm, I'm undecided about this one - an action-packed hybrid of Mad Max and 28 Days Later. It looks hopelessly unoriginal and derivative, but from director of The Descent, that may just be the point.

5 September:

Tropic Thunder - The highly anticipated action comedy starring Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr. It promises to take the piss out of Hollywood and its overblown blockbusters. I hope this is as funny as the Stiller-directed Zoolander.

19 September:

Hellboy II: The Golden Army - Visionary director Guillermo del Toro's (hopefully) superior follow-up to the so-so first comic book adaptation. Unfortunately I'll be overseas when this is released locally so I may end up missing it on the big screen.

26 September:

Star Wars: Clone Wars - Oh dear, reviews are not good at all for this CGI-animated film, focusing on the events between Episodes II and III. And this project is supposed to kick off a new weekly TV series. Time to up your game, George...

10 October:

Step Brothers - Next to Tropic Thunder, this is probably the last of the big comedy releases of the season, focusing on 2 men in their late 30s who still live at home with their single parents. Reteams the "Shake and Bake" duo of Talladega Nights, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.

Superhero Movie - Again, out of principle I don't think I can actually pay to see this spoof at the cinema. In its favour, however, it is focused on the superhero movie genre, and has something of a comedic pedigree - coming from David (The Naked Gun, Top Secret!, Scary Movie) Zucker.

17 October:

Eagle Eye - New conspiracy thriller starring Shia LaBeouf, in which a 20-something slacker is framed as a terrorist, and finds himself an unwilling accomplice to a political assassination. Film reteams LaBeouf with his Disturbia director.


MJenks said…
I think I'm taking the daughter to see Clone Wars this weekend. She's had it circled on her calendar for weeks. I kid you not.

I'll let you know if it's a stinking pile or not. Without spoilers.

Is Superhero Movie coming to South Africa now? It's on DVD here, unless I'm thinking of a different movie.
Pfangirl said…
So what's the verdict on Clone Wars yet, Mjenks? Had a chance to see it yet?

As for Superhero Movie, yeah, we're only getting it in cinemas here now. Our distributors are weird - sometimes we get releases pretty much on the weekend they're released in the States.

Then there are occasions where we wait literally months to see something. For example, it took 9 months before Underworld was released here. You could import the DVD before watching the film at the cinema.

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