Weekend round-up

So another weekend just flew by... Ho hum.

On Friday evening I watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Of course you can expect my review up on this blog, as well as on the ScreenScene SA website, in the next few days. However, the single sentence version is that I can seriously recommend the film. It’s excellent movie fantasy, probably the most gratifying since the Lord of the Rings series.

Saturday was an incredibly lazy day. After waking before 7am – Paul was heading out to look at new cars with his father – I rolled over and only opened my eyes again at 10am. After that I lazed around in my pyjamas and played games until late into the afternoon.

The evening was spent revisiting late-1980s/early 1990s cinema. For the first time ever I managed to stay awake through The Hunt for Red October, which actually turned out to be very good. We then followed the DVD up with Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a childhood obsession of mine, and which I haven’t seen properly in years. The visual effects are still mindblowing, especially when you consider that all the animated characters are hand drawn, not computer generated.

On Sunday we were woken by the sound of Hindi music at 5am. For the second weekend in a row, the temple near the bf’s place (probably half a kilometre away, across the main road into Chatsworth) has been blasting out music at insane hours of the day. Religious piety is one thing; complete inconsideration of others is another. Go ahead and play your music but keep it confined to the inside of your building. DON’T force everyone in a 2km radius to listen to it!

Of course, being South Africa, you phone the police to report the noise pollution, get told “Yes, that’s unacceptable” and nothing happens. Oh for a pair of wire cutters and access to the temple's speaker system cables.

Anyway, most of Sunday was spent braving the shopping malls. I wish I could say I indulged in some retail therapy but I don’t think I bought a single thing for myself. Rather, I was preparing for a collective of birthdays, as well as Father’s Day, coming up over the next few weeks.

That really was the weekend in a nutshell. In terms of World Of WarCraft news, I bumped into one of my online forum buddies and, more importantly, got my Hunter to Level 62 and Warlock to Level 65 – just 5 more levels to go until 70!


Anonymous said…
I sadly did not enjoy Prince Caspian.

Still look forward to your review, mine is up.
Pfangirl said…
Yeah, I read your review, Nick :) My understanding is that reviews have on the whole been pretty average for the film.

However, apart from a few minor niggles, Caspian met all my expectations as a massive Narnia fan. I thought it was great.
MJenks said…
I'm not such a Narnia fan, and as such I've put off seeing this film. I think it would have done better had the Water Horse not knocked it from the winter line-up (at least here). Now, there's just too much I want to see and not enough time.

Roger Rabbit was on TV here over the weekend. I turned over for a moment, but then I decided that it probably wasn't appropriate for 6- and 3-year old viewers, so we watched something else more Scooby-Doo related.

Red October is one of my favorite films. Unfortunately, Clancy's stories have become a little more cut-and-paste since then.
Pfangirl said…
Although I saw Roger Rabbit when I was 6, and a lot of the adult material and innuendo went over my head, I do think it's probably better suited for 10 year olds or so.

I remember being VERY upset by the death of the cartoon shoe - much like the loss of Atreyu's horse in the Neverending Story.

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