Weekend recap

Well, the weekend just seemed to fly by – it was way too short.

In terms of pop culture consumption over the past 2 or so days, I revisited episodes of the excellent Family Guy Season 3, and finished the Firefly TV series. Now I really need to seek out the wrap-up Serenity film and then return to where I left off with Season 1 of Heroes last year.

I didn’t manage to catch Speed Racer at the cinema this weekend. I learnt on Friday that it’s showing at the local IMAX, and the more I think about it the more keen I am to watch it on the “real” big screen, transforming a colourful family film into a genuine movie “experience.”

Unfortunately I also learnt at the same time that I can’t use my free IMAX ticket (from my East Coast Radio Big Walk goodie bag) for the film. Although the ticket has no restrictions written on it – not even a “Terms & Conditions apply” – a phone call to the Gateway IMAX informed me that I can only use it for 2 of 4 films currently screening there. Typical South African con-artistry! At least I didn’t trek all the way out there to have this disappointing news delivered to my face.

Otherwise, the weekend included a decent dose of World of WarCraft… although not just in electronic form. I buckled under peer pressure from the bf and our other WOW buddy and together we imported 6 starter kits, a multiplayer Raid deck and a bunch of card packs for the World of WarCraft trading card game. We played our first few games last night and… well… I think this recent Penny Arcade strip provides a decent example of how my Warlock’s first combat went.

Clearly my ability to pull cards from a deck rivals my dice-rolling capabilities.

I've only played one game so far, but it seems to actually be pretty simple, if incredibly strategic. I've never played Magic The Gathering but the WOW card game reminded me quite a bit of the Runebound boardgame, in that you have hero cards (with a once-off super special ability) whichare reinforced with allies, weapons, armour and special instant abilities - all of which you have to use resources (turned over cards) to pay for. I'll keep you updated how further games go.

Oh, as an added plus, I found the famous Leeroy Jenkins card, illustrated by Penny Arcade's "Gabe" in one of my booster decks. As expected, Leeroy has a massive attack (6) and no hit points (1).

Anyway, in other news, the bf is getting a new car, upgrading from his increasingly unreliable, 13 year old Opel Kadett to a demo model Opel Corsa Enjoy. So Saturday morning was spent at the car dealership jumping in and out of cars and abusing the free Ciro Hot Chocolate available for clients.

The only other activity of the weekend was a farewell dinner for a friend at the casino Cape Town Fish Market on Saturday evening, and a braai at home on late Sunday afternoon.


Anonymous said…
You really do have to seek out Serenity. In my opinion, it has one of the best movie fight scenes EVAR! (We love you Summer Glau!)

If you enjoyed Firefly, you will also enjoy Farscape.
WoW TGC rulz, but I prefer Magic: The Gathering. :)

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