Superheroes, superheroes, superheroes… they’re all over the big screen these days. Now Empire movie magazine has released some exclusive new pictures from The Incredible Hulk (due out in 4 months time) and Wolverine: Origins (due out next year).

This is actually the second released image of Edward Norton as scientist-with-anger-issues Bruce Banner (view the first pic here). Norton has of course replaced Eric Bana, who played the big green dude’s alter ego in 2003’s overly arty Hulk, directed by Ang Lee. Louis Letterier, the man behind the Transporter movies of all things, has replaced Lee in the director’s chair this time around. This suggests a whole new direction for the Hulk franchise. Personally I’m expecting lots of explosions and ridiculous acrobatic fight sequences. Still, hopefully this Hulk movie will actually be fun.

Wolverine is still shooting in Australia, but it hasn’t stopped the marketing department from already releasing some very early publicity stills from the increasingly mutant-crammed movie. You can check out both pics in high res here.

Hugh Jackman seems to have bulked up a lot more than last time to play Logan, if this recent paparazzi beach pic is anything to go by. Ah, I have such a thing for buff guys with mutton chops. See more pics of Jackman on the beach here.

Meanwhile the poster for Superhero Movie has just been released, appearing online at Superhero Hype. Frankly I’m surprised that it’s taken so long for Hollywood to poke fun at the genre, given that we’ve already recently been subjected to 4 Scary Movies, Date Movie, Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans.

Spoof movies are usually pretty mediocre but this one is at least from producer David Zucker, the spoof-meister who was involved in the Naked Gun movies, Top Secret!, Airplane! and Scary Movie 3 and 4. As a plus, early buzz for Superhero Movie has also been decent.

Sidenote: I really want Leslie Nielsen’s T-shirt in the poster there - “With great power comes hot bitches.” So much truer than the whiney Spider-Man catchphrase.

Superhero Movie is set for release on 28 March in North America.


Stacey said…
yum ... yum .... drool ... drool ... yum, um where am I? Oh yes .... Hugh Jackman buffed up droooooool!
ExMi said…
Edward Norton as The Hulk?

how bizzare-o...

anyway, just wanted to invite you to join The South African Bloggers Network -

still new, still recruiting..

sign up, so we can all hook up!
Unknown said…
The new Hulk is a big risk for Marvel, they are lucky the new Iron Man film is looking like a massive success because if this tanks it would seriously jeopardize their chances as production company.

What really scared me about this was that Zack Penn wrote the original screenplay, after what he did to X3 I and FF I was worried. However, Norton signed on as an actor and a screenwriter and he has drastically reworked the screenplay. I trust Norton - as his movies usually have something to offer.

Plus I really like the way Marvel have marketed it so far. They've built anticipation among the core fan group and the trailer is being released this week. Oh and having Tim Roth as the villain doesn't hurt either.

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