Trailer Tuesday Twosome

Both of these films have featured on Trailer Tuesday before, and these are their latest trailers.

First up: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which is set for release in South Africa on 13 July. The book was one of my favourites in JK Rowling's series of books, but I admit I'm very concerned about the film makers condensing the 700+ page tome into a 2 and a half hour film. Will it be as choppy, and feel as rushed as Goblet of Fire? Watching this awesome trailer, my faith has been largely restored. Thestrals, Centaurs, Bellatrix Le Strange, and the spot-on depiction of ministry stooge/replacement Hogwarts principal Dolores Umbridge. This one (hopefully) will be a fantastic entry in the series.

Next up: Hairspray. I personally prefer this trailer over at Yahoo! Movies, but this all-star musical, based on the stage show based on John Waters' original non-musical film (confusing isn't it?), looks like a lot of fun. I'm getting a definite retro, Little Shop of Horrors feel from it. Hairspray is released in the USA and UK on 20 July.


Wasp Jerky said…
I think the Potter books, like Watchmen, would best be served by a TV series. Of course, in the case of Harry Potter, it would have to be a TV series with a huge budget.

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