Black (and White) Thursday

The Black:

When teams make it to the semi-finals of a World Cup in any sport, you expect an exciting game, with well-matched opponents fighting tooth and nail for an advantage. In such a situation, strategy becomes vital.

Yesterday, none of that happened. The South African team, staying true to their yo-yo performance of late, were in one of their funks last night and were utterly demolished in their Cricket World Cup Semi-final match against Australia. At one point they were something like 35 for 5 wickets. It was a complete embarrassment – Men versus panicked little boys.

I think if I ever emigrated to Oz, I’d play up my British heritage instead of saying that I’m from South Africa. Traitorous, I know, but I can’t handle the shame… Not that I had much confidence in the team going into the game last night.

Whenever it comes to playing Australia, the South African Proteas let themselves be drawn into a war of words. The problem is that the South African team, especially gum-chewing twat Graeme Smith, are too stupid to get involved in mind games. It’s like a Physics professor having an intellectual debate with the village idiot. In response to the professor, all the village idiot can do is shit his pants and mumble the oh-so-convincing argument, ‘Jou ma se poes!’

When South Africa steps out on the field, all their misplaced arrogance evaporates, they realise they should have spent time mouthing off on practice, and what testicles they have retreat up somewhere under their lungs. The South African cricket team are a bunch of chokers! And it’s time to sweep out the cowardly non-performers to make space for some spirit into the team.


In other ‘Black Thursday’ news, today all the women in the office are wearing our new company-branded, long-sleeve black shirts… with jeans. Naturally it’s going to be 30°C here in Durban today. I’ve just set the aircon down to 15°C to try and make things more comfortable.


Oh, and I’m still waiting for my new Avril Lavigne CD. Hurry up with the rest of the order, Kalahari! You’ve now passed the ‘Usually within 5 working days’ mark.

The White:

Tomorrow is a public holiday Freedom Day and tonight, at 6:30, we’re flying up to Johannesburg for tomorrow’s massive rock festival, My Coke Fest 2007 at the Newmarket Race Course in Alberton. We’ll be in the Golden Circle to enjoy Staind, 3 Doors Down, Hoobastank, Evanescence (the biggie now headlining!) and assorted SA bands, including the Springbok Nude Girls.

In the rest of our time up in Jozi (I haven’t been in the city since 1991 as Durbanites hardly ever have a reason to go there), we’re seeing some of Paul’s family and probably going to check out the Gold Reef City theme park – we’re honestly a bit clueless about what there is to do in Gauteng.

Anyway, in a relatively last-minute arrangement my company is working tomorrow in order to have working day Monday off before Tuesday’s public holiday. My plans were made and paid for long ago, so I’m getting a 5-day weekend. Yahoo!

Please excuse the erratic blog posting of the next few days. Things will be back to normal as of next Wednesday.


Anonymous said…
You can't handle the shame of being South African? What a shocking thing to say!

I lived with plenty of Australians and attended many sporting events with them and a bunch of other Saffas, where SA was beaten.

The overwhelming response from them was always complete shock with the way SA supporters call for blood as soon as they lose!

Australians support their teams, through thick and thin. That is the lesson that has to be learned. Not mind games.

You're going to "talk up your British heritage"? Yeah, cause we all know how well THEY do in the cricket!

"We cannot stand hands on hearts, tears in eyes when we win, exhibiting boundless national pride, but then turn cold the second things don't go our way." - Brandon Faber, News24
Pfangirl said…
Well, this post was pretty tongue in cheek. I'm not a big flag waving patriot so I definitely don't fit the profile applicable to that last quote. I try to avoid hypocrisy in all areas in my life...

Losing to Australia pisses me off more than anything, because if SA and Oz were twins, (think of that 1980s comedy with the same name) they'd be physically perfect Arnie, and SA would be Danny De Vito.

Talking about support through "thick and thin" is also pointless. South African sports languishes in mediocre "thinness". Since when do Aussie sport supporters ever have to deal with failure?
Lord Spaceman said…
Lol. I see you're going to Gautengeleng. I leave tomorrow morning at 5am. Going for over a week, be back on the 7th.

I'm in the same position, I haven't clue what do up there. But last time I went I did go to two awesome places you should try visit:

- The Pretoria Zoo (Awesome !)
- Menlyn Shopping Center (Makes Gateway look like a little girl)

Else, try the Brightwater Commons in Randburg. I hear the have awesome comic/anime and figurine shops that sell rare stuff. I haven't been there, but I hope to.
Anonymous said…
"Talking about support through "thick and thin" is also pointless. South African sports languishes in mediocre "thinness"."

No we don't! We beat the Australians 3-2 in the last one day series! We were the number one team going into the tournament.

"Since when do Aussie sport supporters ever have to deal with failure?"

The last one day series we played against them, where we won.

And millions of other times throughout history. And in other sports, like Rugby, for instance the Super 14 where the two bottom positions are Aus teams, and the highest position held by a Aus team is number 6. Sharks are 3rd.

Now I'm not saying we're gonna win it, just that Australian supporters are probably not burning their flags, whereas SA supporters would be sharpening their swords by now if their teams were in the same position.
Pfangirl said…
Lord Spaceman: The Pretoria or Joburg zoos were also on our list of potentials. Pity we only have 1 and a half free days...

Cap Dog:

The bottom line in terms of SA cricket is that the team is way too inconsistent. You can't be World Champs if you go from thumping England to losing to Bangladesh.

Anyway, heads do roll down under (in Aus and NZ) when their rugby teams underperform. I firmly believe they're exactly the same when it comes to sporting failure, except they don't experience it as much as little ol' Third World, government-meddling us.

In terms of sporting support I think it's better to exist in a state of casual cynicism that morphs into pleasant disbelief when your team wins, than a flag-waving frenzy where you're continually disappointed.
Dante said…
Hi Noelle. Hows life? Almost feeling at home in cape town these days. Really awesome place. So it still going good with me.

I started reading The Sandman too. Saw it at outer limits and thought "why not?". Haven't looked back since. Only Finished the first volume so far but it really is a supurb series. Already fell inlove with it. Going to get my hands on the second volume this month. Can't wait.

Enjoy the mycoke fest and the loooong weekend.

Pfangirl said…
Hey Richard

Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself in Cape Town - I bet it makes a HUUUUGEEE difference from Kimberly.

Great to hear that you're enjoying the Sandman series as well... Definitely worth dipping into. Volume 3 or 4 (I can't remember which, but it's the collection of single issue stories) is my favourite so far...


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