Good News & The Weekend

I spent the last two days doing readings for the Media course I'm doing this semester entitled Corporate Communication Strategy. Anyway, the readings have been very theory heavy, with a cultural meets economics slant on the issue of Value and Commodity. I was quite panicky and overwhelmed by the time I went to yesterday's lecture.

However, there was good news with the announcement that the course doesn't have an exam. It's assessment is 2 essays and a research project. Thank God. I wasn;t happy with the prospect of trying to write an essay in exam conditions on the subject matter I've been reading. The other good news was that pretty much no one else has done the readings. They remain set for next week, and with the exception of one, I've done them already. Workload reduced!

As for this coming weekend, planned activities include the following (along with hopefully squeezing in some varsity related reading):

- Going to the rugby match tonight in Durban. Myself, Paul and MArk have box seats, so it's going to be free food and drinks all the way. In the words of Quagmire - 'Oh yeah!' God knows who the Sharks are playing, however. It might lead, if spirits are high, to 80's afterwards.

- Saturday is open for activities all day. Although, there is an African vrs Asian 11 cricket match fundraiser. It could be a good game with major international stars, and if the tickets aren't too expensive, could be cool to see.

- Sunday is Paul's grandmother's (Granny B) birthday. We're going for breakfast with her and Paul's cousin and his girlfriend.


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