Good News & Bad

Insurance is a very strange thing. Essentially you pay your monthly insurance rates so that if needed, you can claim back. However, if you do actually need some insurance money, they slap you with a R1000 excess that puts you off claiming for anything in the R1000-R2000 range. And they remind you oh so sweetly that if you do claim, your monthly rates are going to go up 20%- around R400 a year. So apart from major disasters, both the insurance company and your own money-saving strategies encourage you to pay for repairs and replacements out of your own pocket.

Anyway, we got some quotes today and suggestions in terms of repairing my damaged dashboard and buying a new CD frontloader. Key Pinetown said that replacing the console (in turn, the entire dashboard) would cost around R8000. Uh, sure.

They did however helpfully suggest the names of a few body shops that specialise in bumper, grille and dashboard plastics repairs. It turns out a Pinetown based company can mould the dented console back into its original shape for R250.

Urbans, the official radio/CD player installers for Key Pinetown (who installed my CD player in the first place) have the exact model of my stolen frontloader in stock. It will cost R1100 to buy one and have it installed.

In other news, we discovered today that the thieves tried to break into the Wendy house at the back of our garden. They didn’t get in, and if they had, all they would have found was a broken Fly-mo and a rusty hamster cage. However, it does mean that they basically moved around the perimeter of our house, which is a very unnerving. So now we are in the process of looking at our security arrangements. Damn, it sucks having this paranoia hanging over your head.


Jeeez. I'm so sorry to hear of your bad luck Nelley. :(
Shirley said…
It's been a poo month for everyone in general. Hopefully you get your car fixed asap and you can forget about this whole thing.

At least the shits didnt get a single valuable CD. Im glad they werent originals. Up theirs.

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