Vlog #2 - A trio of film reviews (Argo, Hitchcock, Star Trek into Darkness)

It took a bit longer than I intended to get this second video done - mostly because I am a bit stumped as to what content you'd like to see me stammer over as opposed to write about. So, please, leave your topic suggestions below this post, or the YouTube clip itself.

Anyway, this clip is a follow-up to this first vlog uploaded earlier this year. This time I'm reviewing three films that I watched but never wrote about - Argo, Hitchcock and Star Trek Into Darkness. Enjoy. Then let me know what you think.

P.S. I apologise for a few of the stretched videos. This is my second vlog attempt and it's quite a fiddly learning curve.


Craig Lotter said…
Nice video review, well done. I particularly like the ('She means Pyscho' textual fix!)

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