Comic-Con, cosplay fun and Lara Croft: (Retired) Tomb Raider

Following on from last week's cosplay post, here's a video of some of the most memorable efforts from the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con:

While you're at it, check out this series of pics of Meagan Marie's "more authentic" Ancient world warrior take on Wonder Woman. It's quite superb.

While we're on the topic of cosplay, I just realised that I had never posted the following pics of me putting another spin on my Tomb Raider cosplay (earlier pics here and here). Presenting Lara Croft: Retired Tomb Raider...

For the record, this was done for my brother-in-law's "Over the Hill" themed dress-up birthday party.

Perhaps I'm in the minority thinking this, but wouldn't it be great to play a series of games where we follow the character over the course of their career from young unseasoned novice to established pro, to aged, cynical veteran? They seem to be doing that with the Batman: Arkham games, and we've seen Solid Snake in both young and old incarnations. Now imagine First Lady of Gaming, Lara Croft, as the first female character to make such a transition. Wouldn't it be groundbreaking to have a game centred on a woman lead who wasn't a sexy young thing anymore, but was still incredibly badass? I'd play that.

Anyway, more comically...

Death - It's lurks in the background at parties... And it's finally come to claim Lara Croft after decades of close calls.

Careful now, Lara. There may be booby traps.

Forget wild animals and mad cultists. Veteran tomb raiders face far greater perils.


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