Fan fiction - Tomb Raider 2013 follow-up (Part 2)

Just in case you think I've been slacking off lately with blogging and my other usual creative endeavors, here's the reason why: I've been working on my first  - okay, first as an adult - piece of fan fiction.

Part 2 of a 3-chapter Tomb Raider follow-up tale is now online.

It's been a time-consuming exercise, obviously, but I've been really enjoying my return to fiction writing - which, as a story-telling/communication medium, has its own unique set of challenges. Feedback has been very positive, however, for this one-shot "return to the real world" tale centred on gaming's favourite ship of the moment: archaeologist Lara Croft and her college bestie, documentary filmmaker Sam Nishimura.

Say what you want about fan fiction but the closer interaction with readers gives you an all-important shot of motivation to complete your fic... and potentially move onto stories featuring your own original characters.


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