Introducing my first Pfangirl vlog

Although I have appeared in a TV commercial, I've never really experimented with video as a communication medium. Before now. Above you can see my first attempt at a vlog!

I've been meaning to do this for a while - and it took losing a bet to trigger my making the effort, finally - but basically I'm looking at the vlog becoming a companion piece to this blog. Basically every so often, instead of writing on a subject, I'll mix things up and make a more off-the-cuff video on the same topic.

I don't foresee future efforts being as long as this first attempt (sorry about that) but if you have the willpower to stick with my snarky discussion of the Fifty Shades novel trilogy until the end of this video, there's the chance for you to win a DVD.

Please leave your comments about what you'd like to see me discuss and/or do in future vlogs. Cheers.


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