Whip cracking fun!

The first piece of offical poster art for the fourth Indiana Jones film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull popped up online the other day.

Here it is off the Ain't It Cool News site:

Although the intrepid archeologist is looking a tad more weathered in the pic, the backlit approach reminds me a lot of the poster art for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

To accompany the release of the poster USA Today has run a First Look article on the new movie. You can read the piece here, but some bits and pieces of info revealed in it include:

- Indy won't be fighting Nazis this time around. Now he's taking on Soviet operatives at the height of the Cold War (The movie is set in 1957).
- Indy's adventures will take him to New Mexico, Connecticut, Mexico City and the jungles of Peru.
- Cate Blanchett is playing seductive Soviet agent, Agent Spalko.
- The Crystal Skull of the title refers to South American artifacts that supposedly have supernatural powers, and attract the attention of the Soviets.


If that's not enough Indy action for you, then you'll be pleased to know that the video game Lego Indiana Jones is also being released next year. The Lego Star Wars games provided a highly comical, action-packed take on the iconic sci-fi series, and I'm expecting similarly good things for Lego Indiana Jones. It's definitely on my One to Watch List. Here's the first official trailer:

Indiana Jones the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is released in cinemas on 22 May 2008.

The Lego Indiana Jones videogame is set for a similar release period - Northern Hemisphere Summer 2008.


poppedculture said…
The thing that concerns me is Harrison Ford is now older than Sean Connery was when he played his father in The Last Crusade. I hope they don't mess this up.
Pfangirl said…
I'm hoping this will be OK. Harrison/Indy certainly looks his age;)

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