Mad for the holidays

Looking for something lightweight and fun to read this festive break?

If you, like me, are tired of the forced fanboyism of so many video game publications, bored by the in-your-face sexuality of Cosmo and FHM, laugh at all the "get a 6-pack" mags as you tuck into your third helping of Christmas trifle, and have dumped YOU and Heat's outdated gossip for the daily skandaal of Perez Hilton, then perhaps you should pick up the Summer 2007 issue of Mad Magazine?

Contents for this issue include:

- Harry Plodder and the Torture of the Fanbase
- Boo (a 300 spoof)
- Spider-Sham 3
- A Simple Prison Break Life
- Everyday pet peeves of the Transformers
- The "Secret"
- The Believability / unbelievability of Harry Potter
- A Mad look at Mixed Martial Arts
- A Mad look at Spiderman
- Don't you hate when your parents...
- Things shouted out to Paris Hilton as she left jail
- If chickens could time travel


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