A good weekend

This last weekend was a very enjoyable one. It sort of started around 13:00 on Friday with a 2 and a half hour lunch with work colleagues down the road at Beanbag Bohemia. They make the most fantastic, gourmet prawn and chicken bunny chows in Durban. Awesome

Back home in the evening, the eating continued with home made subs, followed by some Season 10 episodes of South Park and last weekend’s episode of Rome. After a severe sleep deficit accumulated on Wednesday and Thursday night we were passed out by 8pm, but woke to the tail end of the creepy The Exorcism of Emily Rose on MNET. From what I saw, it looked superb – although they unnerve me, these kinds of realistic demon flicks go a long way towards jerking my faith back into belief mode again. Strange how easy it is to believe in manifestations of supernatural evil, than supernatural goodness. Anyway, I’ll definitely be setting the VCR to tape it when it’s on again later this week.

Friday was also amusing because my kettlebell weights finally arrived at the post office. My parents kindly went to collect them for me and had to contend with curious little old Afrikaans tannies who had no clue how to deal with a mysterious package that weighed almost 30kg. No one at the post office could lift it and they had to use a mail cart to get it to the car.

So, yeah, my plan, if I can work up the motivation to make some early morning lifestyle changes (in dark, cold, mid Winter), is to start doing Pavel Tsatsouline’s From Russia With Tough Love daily exercise routine for women. Starting tomorrow.

Oh, and in case you weren’t paying attention, screaming and crying, on Friday Paris Hilton went back to prison for a full 45 day stretch. Of course it’s justice, but I’ll admit – for just a moment – I felt sorry for the spoiled, stupid heiress.

On Saturday Paul and I used the Sharks vouchers at the casino and then enjoyed some retail therapy at Gateway – well, mostly retail therapy for other people, seeing as Father's Day and so many birthdays are on the horizon.

Early evening Saturday we headed to the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre to watch Evita For President, Pieter-Dirk Uys’s latest one-man show, satirising contemporary South Africa problems and politics. What’s probably most amazing about Uys is the way that he is able to transform himself on stage into various recognisable SA figures using only one or 2 props. There’s Pik Botha, Kadar Asmal, Thabo Mbeki, poor coloureds from the Cape Flats, wealthy Indian ex-pats who have returned to Gauteng… and naturally the show culminates with 2 of Uys’s most famous creation, Jewish kugel Nowell Fine and Evita herself.

After the show, we headed down to CafĂ© Fish, by the Royal Natal Yacht Club and Wilson’s Wharf for an awesome meal. We splashed out on wine, a delicious meal of Dorado Linefish on a bed of sweet potato, with a creamy prawn, calamari and mussel sauce, and followed it with dessert. Well and truly content we were back home and fast asleep by 10pm.

On Sunday, before rounding off the weekend at my place for my grandmother’s birthday dinner, we spent the entire day playing World of WarCraft. Actually, it was my first ever time playing. I managed to take my female Orc hunter, Bestilla to Level 8 or so as I ran around, first on my own and then with Paul’s Orc warrior, Owik.

The game is actually very impressive, runs like a dream and is surprisingly intuitive to pick up.

What really is a novelty though is the fact that you can see players from all over Europe carrying out quests around you. We spent a good portion of the afternoon in a group with a Level 7 Troll Hunter (in reality, a 15 year old in Finland). If you stop and think about that – online co-operation with someone from the other side of the world – it’s amazing!

So yeah, we’ll probably keep playing World of WarCraft for a good while on weekends to come. Although, like all games, you do feel played out after a hefty session, so I don’t see my real life disappearing in favour of my online character’s.


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