Entertainment news for Thursday

Right, I'm not the first out of the starting blocks with this info, but at the end of last week the first official pic of Harrison Ford - back as whip-snapping, Nazi bashing archeologist, Indiana Jones - appeared online.

Filming is currently underway for the 4th Indiana Jones film, directed by Steven Spielberg (according to ComingSoon.net, Mr S in fact took this pic). The cast includes Cate Blanchett, John Hurt, Ray Winstone, Jim Broadbent and the ridiculously named Shia LaBeouf as Indy's son - presumably with Karen Allen's Marion Ravenwood.

I reiterate at this point that I am terrified of this 4th installment in the series. Why can't Hollywood just leave things instead of possibly sullying the memory and magic of my favourite movie trilogy of all time... Let us hope to God that they go the good old fashioned "real" stunt route instead of overdosing on the CGI.

Anyway, in more Watchmen movie news, a supposed full cast list has appeared online, starting apparently at Film Ick. Like that site's administrator I'd take the following with a hefty amount of salt - it could easily be a fanboy list using the current rumours as a basis, to give it some extra credibility. However, I really, really like some of the choices, particular those of the female characters...

Kate Winslet as Silk Spectre
Patrick Wilson as Night Owl
Jason Patric as Dr. Manhattan
Jude Law as Ozymandias
Thomas Jane as The Comedian
Jeremy Irons as Moloch
Virginia Madsen as Sally Jupiter
Jonah Hill as Seymour
Henry Gibson as Mr. Figure
William Fichtner as Detective Fine
Noah Emmerich as Captain Metropolis
Gretchen Mol as Janey Slater

I must say, I'm totally loving Season 2 of Rome at the moment and if I was playing casting director for Watchmen, I would definitely throw James (Mark Antony) Purefoy's name into the ring to play the Comedian. You know the part would have been played by Burt Reynolds if the film was made back in the 1980s.


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